Travel Fee Policy

At Whimsical Foam Parties, we are committed to ensuring that your event is a magical and unforgettable experience, regardless of its location. To accommodate events situated beyond a 30-mile radius from our base in Charlotte, NC, we have implemented the following travel fee policy:

1. Distance Limit: Events located within a 30-mile radius of Charlotte, NC, will not incur any additional travel fees.

2. Events Beyond 30 Miles: For events situated more than 30 miles away from Charlotte, NC, a travel fee of 10% of the total booking cost will be applied.

3. Calculation: The travel fee will be calculated as 10% of the total booking cost, which includes any additional services or customization requested by the client.

4. Notification: Upon email confirmation of the booking, clients will receive a notification detailing the inclusion of the travel fee in the total cost. We believe in transparency and aim to ensure that all costs are communicated clearly from the outset.

5. Purpose: The travel fee is intended to cover expenses associated with transportation, fuel, and the additional time required for our team to travel to and from the event location.

6. Payment: The travel fee will be included in the final invoice and must be settled along with the booking deposit or in accordance with the payment terms outlined in the booking contract.

7. Exceptions: In certain circumstances, such as events requiring extensive setup or those held in remote locations, the travel fee may be subject to negotiation. Clients are encouraged to reach out directly to discuss any special considerations or requests.